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Arrest of Dinamalar Editor is absolutely justified.

Dinamalar editor was arrested and booked under Section 4 of the Tamil Nadu Women Harassment (prevention) Act.

Dinamalar daily has mentioned the name of seven Tamil actresses and published their pics too simply on the basis of the statement of Bhuvaneshwari, who was arrested for allegedly running a high-profile brothel.

Now the reputation of these actresses are ruined once for all. Imagine yourself as a daughter or son of these actresses and you will understand the damage.

We are watching lot of TV shows. In that, when a person speaks filthy langugage, it is the responsibility of the TV channel to MUTE those words.

Without dragging the case, maximum amount of punishment is to be given to the Dinamalar Editor.

Now hundreds of web sites have published the copy of this news paper which shows the pictures of these actresses. Here I have given three such links which shows the magnitude of damage.

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